Mac honors the Brave
Veterans recognized before Friday’s football game
By Olivia Carpenter, student journalist
Photos by Ani Weitzel, student journalist

Maconaquah High School honored veterans with a special pregame ceremony before the football team took on the Wabash Apaches.

During the ceremony, veterans were called down from the stands and were asked to line up on the south side of the field to be honored during the The Star Spangled Banner, performed by Maconaquah’s Marching Braves. When the band finished, American Huey 369, a non-profit organization based out of Grissom Air Reserve Base, awed the crowd with a fly-by of a helicopter that was often flown in the Vietnam War.

 A uniform feeling of pride was erupting from the crowd.


Stacey Feazel, a lunch monitor for Maconaquah Middle School, could not hide her smiles when expressing her feelings about the Military Appreciation Night. She, along with many others in attendance, had a few family members in the military.

She said it was “such an honor” for her to be at the game with so many men and women who have fought for her freedom.

MHS sophomore Riley McDonald said Military Appreciation Night was “our most important night."

“My grandpa passed away a few years ago, but he served in World War I and II, and he was injured,” McDonald said. “I think that to really appreciate them, we should dedicate our whole lives to them. They should be revered wherever they go. What they do for this country is amazing.”

With Maconaquah’s homecoming game taking place this Friday, Military Appreciation Night gave pause to pay respects to the country’s service men and women, especially considering Maconaquah’s rich history with the military and Grissom Air Force Base.

And as an added bonus, the Braves beat the Apaches 43-12.