Connecting at Maconaquah High School
SRT improves students’ time management
By Eric Stoff,

In an effort to reduce the number of missing assignments at Maconaquah High School, Principal Chad Carlson proposed a new way to connect students and teachers.

Last school year, Student Resource Time (SRT) was introduced to MHS. It’s a daily 25-minute block of time, during which 15-20 students meet with a designated teacher to work on assignments, gain extra assistance, and make up quizzes and tests without missing valuable class time.

Carlson said SRT teachers complete weekly grade checks and track each student’s missing assignments. It is similar to a study hall, but it is more involved and has a mentoring component.

“The teacher serves as a mentor for those students,” Carlson said. “Teachers work hard to establish positive relationships with their SRT students and help motivate them to achieve higher levels of success.” 

Carlson said this mentor relationship between SRT teachers and students is very valuable, and it is important “for teens to have adult mentors who care about their well-being and success.”

MHS freshman Ian Baker said he finds SRT to be beneficial.

“It helps a lot,” he said. “It takes time out (of our day), and let’s us get work done.”

Baker’s SRT teacher is Kristina Woolf, and he said it’s nice to have a staff member that he can come to for assistance or advice.

Baker added there are no grades assigned for SRT, which makes the students and teachers more relaxed.

P.E. teacher and coach Mark Hartman said he sees a change in some of the students in his SRT group.

“Knowing they have someone who is checking their grades and sending progress reports to parents (holds them accountable),” he said. “Like anything, it will benefit the students who are willing to use it.”

January is National Mentoring Month. As a way to celebrate, Maconaquah School Corporation is providing a look into the many mentoring and remediation programs offered across its four school buildings. Be sure to check back throughout the month for more stories and photos detailing how Maconaquah provides these services for its students.